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Darwinism Articles

Who is Steve Sailer? I'm a reporter, movie critic for The American Conservative, VDARE.com columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.










Nicholas Wade's Before the Dawn



Although he's not a scientist, NYT genetics reporter Nicholas Wade may be the single most invaluable figure in the human sciences today.

Mike Judge and King of the Hill



Judge, who lives in Texas, is that rarity in the entertainment business: an unabashed populist conservative.

Boys Will Be Boys: Reviewing Sax on Sex

Claremont Review of Books


Perhaps in a saner society, then, we would have less need for Leonard Sax's engaging combination of popular science exposition and advice guidebook, Why Gender Matters: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know about the Emerging Science of Sex Differences. But parents as well as professors could benefit from it now.

"The New World" v. the Real Captain John Smith



By one estimate, Pocahontas has about 100,000 living American descendants today.

"It's the End of the World as We Know It"



What the DNA researchers are uncovering as they scrape away the blather of the Goulds and Diamonds is a world we already more or less know, the one we all live in every day. The human race has its flaws. But the truth about ourselves is not so horrible that we must be shielded from it by self-appointed sages who get rich fabricating falsehoods.

The Economist on Evolution



Embarrassingly for The Economist, two days before Christmas came a landmark paper by Robert Moyzis, Eric Wang, et al. that listed 1,800 genes that have been under varying selection pressure in Africa, Europe, or East Asia over no more than the last 50,000 years.

The Left Doesn't Like Darwin Either



The good news is that there are no Creationists so dogmatic that they preach taking only two days worth of penicillin on the grounds that Darwin must have been wrong.

Jared Diamond: The New King of All Media



I offer a balanced assessment of the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse.

Jared Diamond: The New King of All Media



I offer a balanced assessment of the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse.

From Bauhaus to Golf Course: The Rise, Fall, and Revival of the Art of Golf Course Architecture

American Conservative


2Blowhards: "I have a pretty broad conception of what "art" and "culture" can mean: Even so, I was taken up short when I read Steve Sailer's American Conservative article on golf course architecture as art. Silly me, I'd never given the topic a moment's thought. Yet there it is: landscape architecture, full of aesthetic qualities, there all around us, and in popular use. I'll take an eye-opener like Steve's piece over yet another run-through of conventional aesthetic theory any day."

Peter Frost's Fair Women, Dark Men



A couple of decades ago, I began noticing that the leading lady in a movie was almost always fairer-skinned than her leading man.

"The Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence" by Cochran and Harpending



"'It would be hard to overstate how politically incorrect this paper is,' said Steven Pinker, a cognitive scientist at Harvard, noting that it argues for an inherited difference in intelligence between groups. Still, he said, 'it's certainly a thorough and well-argued paper, not one that can easily be dismissed outright.'"

Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals



That Thomas Sowell hasn't yet won the Nobel Prize for Economic Science reflects more poorly upon the economics profession's infatuation with mathematical formulas than upon Sowell's lifetime achievement. Personally, I've learned more from Sowell than from any other living economist.

Genetic Engineering: How to Find Out What It Portends



Before bioengineering fully arrives, we still have time to figure out what we want to do and what we don't. But how? Answer: By studying honestly the human genetic diversity we see all around us - and learning how it already affects society.

Race Does Exist - New York Times



An important New York Times' op-ed page essay recently appeared, vindicating the existence of human races. ["A Family Tree in Every Gene"—Armand Marie Leroi, March 14 2005].

Where Dawkins fears to tread: ethnic nepotism and the reality of race



The Iraqis' fierce resistance to foreigners (us) occupying their country was predictable on any number of grounds. But perhaps the most interesting is the most fundamental: the theory of "ethnic nepotism."

On Dawkins on Race



So, if a Papuan and a Ugandan look similar enough to be mistaken for each other by outside observers, are they the same race?

New   Revolutionary Nepotism

The National Interest

Winter, 2004

Nepotism and dynasticism are on the rebound in politics, both abroad and at home. A major article in the prestigious quarterly The National Interest.

The "Too Diverse?" Brouhaha



There was never socialism in America because there was never feudalism in America. Contra Marx, the socialist urge grew not out of capitalism but out of the extreme inequality and rigidity of the aristocratic system, where the nobility owned almost all of the land by inheritance.

Sarich & Miele: Race: The Reality of Human Differences



Many intellectuals pride themselves on how remote their theorizing is from mundane reality. After all, if daily life could provide evidence about the answers to lofty questions, we might not need so many intellectuals. And that subversive thought must be suppressed at all costs!

In Praise of In Praise of Nepotism



Brother acts are so fashionable in Hollywood today that somebody should make a movie about a screenwriter who can't get hired in Hollywood until he makes up a fictional brother for himself. I'd write the screenplay myself, except I don't have a brother ... Hey, that gives me an idea...

Gay Gene or Gay Germ?



It's radically unfashionable to call male homosexuality a disease. But you can't think rigorously about the politically correct gay gene theory (or its less mentionable alternatives) without drawing straightforward analogies to genetic or infectious diseases. They all reduce the number of descendents, which is the number that counts in evolution.

The Blonde Wars



As T.S. Eliot might have said if he had a sunnier disposition, August is the blondest month. It's late summer, so this will be a light piece on a topic -- light-colored hair -- that tends to generate more heat than light.

Dusty Baker Was Right



As you can see from the hard time Baker is being given for saying blacks are better adapted to heat and humidity, these days we're supposed to celebrate diversity -- but not notice it.

Race Flat-Earthers Dangerous To Everyone’s Health



Some of the "Race Has No Biological Reality" ideologues are so fanatical that, rather than be proven wrong about the reality of race, they'd apparently prefer to see members of their own race die.

A Couple of Wild-Eyed Wackos: Me and the NYT



While many journalists write about race, I'm widely considered beyond the pale because I frequently write about it from a scientific perspective. After all, who else besides me reports on the genetics of race?

Well, the New York Times is who.

For several years now, the newspaper of record's distinguished correspondent Nicholas Wade has been making the case for the biological reality of race.

Pinker's Progress



While Steve Pinker's The Blank Slate leaves me plenty of room to write a book on race, his handling of the topic has greatly improved over the years.

It's All Relative: Putting Race in Its Proper Perspective



"Does race exist?" Years of debate over this question haven't accomplished much because neither side possesses a useful definition of "race." So, here is my General Theory of Race. This is probably my single most important contribution.

Mapping Human History



Olson stops every few pages to tell you that there are no races that have been absolutely isolated genetically since the beginning of time because—you will be shocked, shocked to learn this—humans have been known to outbreed. This makes Mapping Human History resemble a geology book that repeatedly admonishes the reader that the Earth is not flat.

Stephen Jay Gould, RIP

National Review Online


Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, the literary world's favorite scientist, has died of lung cancer at the age of 60.

Jonah Whales on VDARE



Jonah Goldberg, editor of NR Online, funnyman, and self-anointed Pope of Conservatism, tried to excommunicate VDARE.com last Sunday for publishing serious articles about race and genetics. In response, I review Jonah's strengths and weaknesses and challenge him to a debate.

"Seven Daughters of Eve"



Population geneticist Bryan Sykes has grasped a simple fact about population genetics that resounds emotionally with the average person, yet has largely eluded most learned commentators. Namely, genes are the product of genealogy. Each individual's genes are descended from some people, but not from some other people. Thus, Sykes discovered, people often feel a sense of family pride and loyalty to others, living and dead, with whom they share some DNA.

Pioneer Fundophobia



Twin studies go back to St. Augustine. He pointed to the differences between fraternal twins, such as Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament, to disprove the central tenet of astrology - that time of birth determines personality and fate.

Afghanistan's Family/Race Problem & Ours



Assembling a post-Taliban government in a land where every extended family has been the sworn enemy of practically every other family is particularly perplexing for Americans. Because we rely less upon our extended families than anyone else on Earth, we run into severe conceptual problems understanding Afghans, who rank clan honor over all else. Yet understanding how Afghans - and most other humans - think will also help us grasp our most persistent domestic problem: race.

Neo-Darwinism in Moscow

NY Press


"My wife had our second child at home, with me in the room. This semi-Stone Age system worked superbly for mother and baby, but I felt like a complete dork, as any New Guinean could have told me I would. All I can remember is shouting to our pair of lesbian midwives such crazed commands as, 'No, not those towels! Those are the GOOD towels!'"

Darwinophobia I - Cavalli-Sforza in The Atlantic



"Population geneticist Cavalli-Sforza has practically no professional expertise whatsoever on the subject of racial differences in behavior. C-S has carefully avoided studying genes that influence 'character, temperament, or intelligence.' Cavalli-Sforza only researches 'junk genes' that don't do anything."

Darwinophobia II - Andy Ferguson in Weekly Standard



"It's more than a little strange to see the Weekly Standard turning for guidance to Leftists who hate the very concept of "human nature" because it implies limits to the effectiveness of the social engineering that they want to force upon humanity."

Human Genome Disinformation



Jack Kemp wrote, "The human genome project shows there is no genetic way to tell races apart. For scientific purposes, race simply doesn't exist." In response, evolutionary biologist Gregory M. Cochran snorted, "Then how come forensic anthropologists can determine a suspect's racial makeup from the DNA in hair or semen left at the scene of a crime?"

Other Articles

Why Multiculturalism and Democracy don't mix (Balkans case study)



Democracy is what caused the mess in the Balkans. Multiculturalism works fine ... under a real dictator, like Tito. He had multiethnic Yugoslavia locked down tight, nice and peaceful. But when the inhabitants got more say in their lives, they started killing each other. They wanted democracy. But they knew that to have it, they needed mono-ethnic states.

The Olympics: the Global Festival of Human Biodiversity

Angier's Wager and the Olympics



Natalie Angier recently wrote a major article in The New York Times proving that the races don't really differ genetically. Although watching the upcoming Olympic track & field competition is guaranteed to shake your faith in Ms. Angier, just repeat to yourself, "Who am I going to believe: The Newspaper of Record or my lying eyes?"

Olympics and Race: the results VDARE.com 10/2/00

The Olympics are the world's festival of human biodiversity. And the medallists in Sydney largely followed established racial patterns.

Races Don't Differ Genetically? Care to Bet?



""All I know is what I read in the papers," said Will Rogers. He'd get intellectual whiplash reading the New York Times' coverage of race and genes. The flood of new data on race is exposing the fundamental conflict between the Times’ two roles: newspaper of record and high priestess of political correctness."
Eugenics, Feminist Celebrity-Style & Its Lessons for Immigration

#1  Jodie Foster's Baby



"For Father's Day, we'll consider some of the fascinating implications surrounding a special kind of father, one that's increasingly in demand in Hollywood: the Sperm Donor Dad. Lesbian rock star Melissa Etheridge recently revealed who provided the DNA for her girlfriend's two children: David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash and sometimes Young. According to numerous (if unconfirmed) reports in the British press, feminist heroine/glamour queen/single mother Jodie Foster had herself artificially inseminated with the gametes of a tall, dark, handsome scientist with an IQ of 160."

#2  The Achilles Heel of Eugenics & Immigration



"The extremely smart are to America's high-tech economy what seven foot tall men are to the National Basketball Association: highly useful freaks of nature."

Sociobiology at Age 25

National Review


"Ironically, while the religious right futilely attacks Darwin's theory of what we evolved from, the left clamps down upon Darwin's theory of what we evolved to. The left has long denounced sociobiological research for validating what conservatives have assumed all along: that human nature--with its sex differences and its stress on individual, family, and ethnic self-interest--is an innate heritage, not a blank slate that can be wiped clean by speech codes, sensitivity workshops, and Gulags." 

The Reality of Race



"What is a 'race'? It is essentially a lineage, a family tree. A racial group is merely an extremely extended family that inbreeds to some extent. Thus, race is a fundamental aspect of the human condition because we are all born into families. Burying our heads in the sand and refusing to think clearly about this bedrock fact of life only makes the inevitable problems caused by race harder to overcome."

Seven Dumb Ideas about Race



"Many intellectuals now try to wish away the problems of race by defining "race" as merely a mass hallucination afflicting all of humanity - other than we few members of the Great and the Good."

Thatcher Speech: The Genetic Revolution

American Outlook

Spring, 2000

The Hudson Institute's magazine has now published the text of my 12/99 speech to the Thatcher Seminar on the greatest opportunity and danger facing the world over the next century: our new ability to manipulate our own genetic code. If you have a fast web connection and a MS IE 4.0+ browser, click above to see the entire slide show. Or, click here for the American Outlook's text-only version.)
Special Offer
-- Contact me at steveslr@aol.com if you are interested in having me deliver this 25 minute multimedia presentation to your organization. I can give it either in person or live over the web.
Importing Mexico's Worsening Racial Inequality

Part 2: Mexico's Insidious Color Continuum



"After an experiment lasting nearly 500 years in Latin America, intermarriage has utterly failed to eliminate racial inequality. Mestizo nations like Mexico and mulatto nations like Brazil are bywords for vast concentrations of wealth among the white ruling class contrasted with extreme poverty among the darkest citizens. In fact, in Mexico racial segregation is worsening."

Part 3: How Latino Intermarriage Breeds Inequality



"The Hispanic influx into California seems to be simply recreating the racial hierarchy of Latin America. For example, America's leading Latino politicians tend to marry Anglos. Thus, the Mexican-American elite is likely to become even whiter over the generations. While upwardly mobile Mexican-Americans marry blonde Anglos, downwardly mobile white men often wed Mexicans. Now, there is plenty to be said for getting hitched to a Mexican lady. But sadly, there is a big social cost to Anglo-Hispanic marriages: 'In most homes headed by an Anglo/Latino couple, Spanish becomes the household language.'"

The Manly Molecule

National Post


"High levels of natural testosterone plus steroid supplements are a big reason so many star jocks are star jerks. Pro teams and universities are constantly bailing out players and paying hush money to the women their athletes beat and rape while in the throes of what bodybuilders call 'roid rage."

Kid TV: A Guide for the Perplexed

National Post


"Why in kid TV are there so many abrupt segues from alarmingly belligerent programs about colossal robots battling for galactic mastery to unspeakably adorable commercials for toys like Polly Pocket's Fairy Wishing World? And why so few opposite transitions from precious girl shows to pugnacious boy ads? The unsettling truth is that the bigots who keep girl shows off the air aren't the often-denounced Old Boys Network, but a Young Boys Network. While boys simply will not watch girl shows."

Are Caublinasians Genetically Superior?

National Post


"It's time to confront the question that's been whispered about Tiger Woods ever since this Mozart-like prodigy first appeared on television as a three year old playing golf with Bob Hope: Are multiracial people like Tiger genetically better than the rest of us? Until recent decades, that query was unthinkable: "miscegenation" was assumed to be the royal road to racial ruin. But, now we have enough scientific evidence to answer with a resounding ..."

The Future of Human Nature

National Post


Futuristic pencil-necked geek"As we all know from watching old science fiction movies, humans will evolve into hyper-intelligent, 97 pound weaklings. Our descendents will mutate into androgynous pencil-necked geeks barely able to hold up their basketball-sized brains. And as Steven Spielberg demonstrated in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T., highly evolved species are also altruistic pacifists. Of course, the same sort of movies forecasted that in the year 2000 we'd all helicopter to work in our one-man autogyros. So, we know the future ain't what it used to be, but what will it be?"

The Unexpected Uselessness of Philosophy

National Post


"Is there a more prestigious job title than "philosopher"? Yet, in what other profession has more brainpower made less progress?  In his last book, Nobel Laureate physicist Steven Weinberg pointedly titled two chapters "The Unexpected Usefulness of Mathematics" and "The Unexpected Uselessness of Philosophy." Even the most esoteric math has helped him describe the cosmos. But the only value Weinberg ever found in reading philosophers was when they refuted other philosophers who had clouded his mind. While engineers or farmers or bartenders have all learned a trick or two over the years, philosophers mostly either rehash the same old mistakes or dream up new ones that are even more ridiculous."

Darwin's Enemies on the Right & Left: A Two Part Series
"Ironically, while the religious right noisily attacks Darwin's theory of what animals evolved from, the left and center more efficiently clamp down upon Darwin's theory of what humans evolved to."

A Miracle Happens Here: Darwin's Enemies on the Right

National Post


"At the end of the 20th Century, the reputations of the three bushy-bearded 19th Century sages -- Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Charles Darwin -- are diverging radically. One hundred million corpses later, Marxism is on its last legs everywhere except in university Literature departments. Freudianism is also foundering, with Prozac proving a more effective cure for what ails your psyche than talking for years about how you were emotionally crippled by your toilet training."

Equality v. Truth: Darwin's Enemies on the Left

National Post


"Stephen Jay Gould, a famous sports nut, cannot even turn on his TV without being confronted by lean East Africans outdistancing the world's runners, massive Samoans flattening quarterbacks, lithe Chinese diving and tumbling for gold medals, or muscular athletes of West African descent out-sprinting, out-jumping, and out-hitting all comers. No wonder Gould is reduced to insisting we chant 'Say it five times before breakfast tomorrow: … Human equality is a contingent fact of history,' like Dorothy trying to get home from Oz."

Why Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

National Post


"Hollywood routinely uses blondeness to imply that a man is either a nitwit (see Jeff Daniels in Dumb & Dumber) or a soulless corporate weasel (see almost any James Spader or Jay Mohr movie)."

Types of Right by John O'Sullivan: on Steve Sailer's role

National Review


"5. Evolutionary Conservatives. This is an almost wholly intellectual group (e.g., Steve Sailer, John McGinnis, Charles Murray)— not a politician brave enough to stand with them — who have realized two things: first, that lessons of the new science of evolutionary psychology are largely conservative ones about an adamantine human nature, the natural basis of sex roles, and so on; second, that the knowledge gained from the Human Genome Project and the rise of genetic engineering will throw up some fascinating and contentious political issues in the increasingly near future."

Chimps and Chumps: What we can't learn about humans from bonobos and other apes

National Review


"Now, bonobo life probably strikes the average heterosexual human as about as appealing as a case of the clap, but intellectuals have gone slightly gaga over  these pygmy chimps."

Tutti-Faludi: I tee off on Susan Faludi's "Stiffed" and "Backlash"

National Review


JFK, Jr. America's Prince Di: The desire to be ruled by dynasties ain't dead, folks.

National Post


Nerdishness: The Great Unexplored Topic



Nerdishness is of great interest to the public today; after all, the richest man in the world is a nerd. Yet, the human sciences have never touched the subject: possibly, there's a certain self-blindness in scientists' world-view? 
Human Biodiversity: inFrequently Asked Questions
The social impact of biological differences among people is one of the most fascinating, important, and least discussed topics of our age. Here's the first draft of "Does Race Exist?."
So, you don't think biological differences among the various peoples of the world can affect modern life? Well, check out this pantheon of highly biodiverse celebrities: The Human Biodiversity Hall of Fame

Track & Battlefield -- w/Dr. Stephen Seiler

National Review


Everybody knows that women athletes are narrowing the gender gap separating them from male athletes' performance. Yet in running, the most quantifiable sport, everybody is wrong. Based on a major new study, the article explains why women are running slower in the Nineties, offering new insights into the nature of masculinity, the causes of ethnic inequality, the role of hormones (natural and illegal steroid), and the role of women in the military.
For track buffs: additional in-depth analysis and statistics

The Words Don't Match the Pictures: Why the Polite Lies We Tell About Race & Sex Are Undermined by What We See on ESPN

National Review Online 


This is the first chapter of my not-yet-finished book about what we can learn from sports about the current controversies over race and sex. It's the clearest introduction to my work. 
Note: April, 2000 -- Well, it won't get finished. When I got hit with nonHodgkins lymphoma in late 1996 (53 months in remission and counting!), I ran out of energy to accomplish this. Meanwhile, Jon Entine had been working on a similar book on sports and race on and off since 1989. So, I helped him a little with his book, Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We Are Afraid to Talk About It. It turned out excellent (click here to buy Taboo). 
Is Love Colorblind?

National Review


Graph showing the radical imbalances between black-white and white-Asian marriages.Interracial Marriage -- Who Wins? Who Loses? While interracial marriage is increasingly accepted by whites, a surprising number of Asian men and black women have become bitterly opposed. Why?

More on interracial marriage: Readers' responses, Arthur Hu's funny article, etc.

5 graphs making the statistics in this article clearer. National Review chose not to run these, claiming my prose style is so supremely lucid that even without graphs every reader would instantly grasp the meaning of even the most technical passages. If you disagree, check out these graphs (39k).

Great Black Hopes

National Review


Black Athletes triumph by toiling intensely at those games where they tend to enjoy not just cultural, but also physical and mental edges over whites. This suggests a new, pragmatic view of racial differences. (This was probably my most important early article.)

Why Lesbians Aren't Gay

National Review


From "Pervert" to "Victim:" the media's continued one-dimensional stereotyping of homosexuals; with handy table of dozens of ways gays tend to differ from lesbians.

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