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Articles on IQ

Who is Steve Sailer? I'm a reporter, movie critic for The American Conservative, VDARE.com columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.











Nicholas Wade's Before the Dawn



Although he's not a scientist, NYT genetics reporter Nicholas Wade may be the single most invaluable figure in the human sciences today.

Richard Lynn's Race Differences in Intelligence



A common stratagem, I've found, is to assume that IQ differences matter only if they are genetic in origin. Since no decent, civilized, right-thinking person could possibly believe that racial differences in IQ have any genetic basis, then racial and national differences in average IQ can't possibly exist. Except — whatever their cause, they do exist and do matter.

Mike Judge and King of the Hill



Judge, who lives in Texas, is that rarity in the entertainment business: an unabashed populist conservative.

Undercover Economist Underperforms on Why Poor Countries Are Poor



The fundamental problem is that it doesn't really pay in Africa to be a good ruler.

Winter Olympics



"So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention."–Bryant Gumbel on HBO’s Real Sports

Americans First

American Conservative


In devising immigration policy, the question should be: what’s best for the citizens we already have?

"It's the End of the World as We Know It"



What the DNA researchers are uncovering as they scrape away the blather of the Goulds and Diamonds is a world we already more or less know, the one we all live in every day. The human race has its flaws. But the truth about ourselves is not so horrible that we must be shielded from it by self-appointed sages who get rich fabricating falsehoods.

France in Flames: Immigration, Not “Discrimination,” Is the Problem



The brutal fact is that the economic failings of France's Muslim and African immigrants stem in large measure from their low average IQ.

New Orleans, Race, and IQ,



The tragic conundrum is that the young men who could most benefit from serving a hitch in the Army, the decent but not too bright 18-year-olds who are on the knife-edge between getting their act together and falling into a lifetime of drugs and crime, are the ones least likely to make Armed Forces' cognitive cutoff of having an IQ of 92 or above.

The New Orleans Nightmare and Racial Reality



New Orleans should remind us that we still live in a harsh world. The make-believe that passes for public discourse, even at the elite level, simply isn't adequate for protecting American citizens.

Charles Murray's "Inequality Taboo"



The great thing about truths is that they are causally connected to all the other truths in the world. If you follow one truth bravely, it will lead you to another. In contrast, lies, ignorance, and wishful thinking are dead ends.

Free to Choose: The Genius Factory



Sperm banking may sound derisible. But it's a heartrendingly serious matter to those who have the misfortune to need the industry's services. About one million Americans alive today were conceived with donor sperm. Another 30,000 are born every year.

"The Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence" by Cochran, Hardy, and Harpending



"'It would be hard to overstate how politically incorrect this paper is,' said Steven Pinker, a cognitive scientist at Harvard, noting that it argues for an inherited difference in intelligence between groups. Still, he said, 'it's certainly a thorough and well-argued paper, not one that can easily be dismissed outright.'"

Genetic Engineering: How to Find Out What It Portends



Before bioengineering fully arrives, we still have time to figure out what we want to do and what we don't. But how? Answer: By studying honestly the human genetic diversity we see all around us - and learning how it already affects society.

The Freakonomics of Race and IQ



Freakonomics is a valuable book—because Levitt cautiously presses the envelope of what you are allowed to say in American mainstream discourse about IQ and race.

How to Ease the College Admissions Arms Race



Ironically, our pretence that we believe in empirical egalitarianism leads to educational elitism of the crassest kind.

WSJ's Wrong Answer on UK Math Gender Gap



Britain’s overall crime rate is now substantially worse than that of the U.S. Why?

Why Some Men Don't Support Larry Summers



The Education of Larry Summers

American Conservative


I tried to explain the Larry Summers brouhaha to my wife, but she stumped me with a simple question: "Why did Summers give in so fast and promise, in effect, to make it harder for our sons to someday get hired there? What's the President of Harvard so scared of?"

We're Different. Get Over It.

National Post


What Larry Summers actually said.

The Larry Summers Show Trial



Possibly the most prominent American female economist today is Deirdre McCloskey—who, perhaps not coincidentally, used to be the prominent American male economist Donald McCloskey.

Richard Florida's Cities and the Creative Class

Washington Examiner


And, sure, booms and bohemians tend to correlate, but who really attracts whom to a metroplex? Do the engineers and salesguys actually pursue the gay art dealers and immigrant restaurateurs, or are Dr. Florida's footloose favorites more likely to follow the money generated by the pocket-protector boys?

Blue States More Inegalitarian



Census Bureau figures show that California, traditionally America's trendsetter, is pioneering a new kind of class structure—ominously like that of highly unequal Latin American countries like Brazil or Mexico.

The 2004 IQ Wars: Kerry, Bush, and Red vs. Blue States



Millions of Democrats have consoled themselves with a chart claiming to show that the average IQ in Kerry states is much higher than in Bush states. It's the same hoax I exposed last May, but now I have a new table of honest data on average IQ by state. Unfortunately, it's outdated, but it's still interesting.

Bush's Brain

American Conservative


For a moment, I thought Sen. John F. Kerry was the exception to the rule that all liberals are secretly obsessed—even though they tell each other they don’t believe in it—with IQ.

Does IQ Matter in a President?



This is a more philosophical follow-up to last week's investigative report This Just In: Kerry's IQ Likely Lower than Bush's!"

This Just In: Kerry's IQ Likely Lower than Bush's!



Bush's scores on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test have been briefly mentioned in the press. But nobody before now has fully explained what they mean. And, even more important, this is first article to publish Kerry's score on the Navy's Officer Qualification Test. The two tests aren't perfectly comparable. But they provide no evidence that Kerry is smarter. If anything, Bush is smarter than Kerry.

"You have to tell the truth:" The Bell Curve after 10 years



It’s constantly said in the Establishment Media that IQ and IQ tests have been "discredited." But the institution that has studied IQ testing in the greatest detail over the last 87 years—the U.S. military—remains utterly devoted to the value of cognitive tests.

Opening the Black Box of IQ and the Wealth of Nations



To open up the black box, I've created a table displaying virtually all the information Lynn and Vanhanen provide on each IQ study they used—not just the overall national IQ averages you've seen so far. 

Importing a New Underclass: More Evidence



For American-born Hispanic children (not just second generation, as many might assume, but the second up through the seventh generation), the school achievement gap, as measured by the federal NAEP tests, is 67% as large as the notoriously big white-black difference.

Thinking more about the unthinkable: The white-black IQ gap



Blogger Tacitus has been working himself up into a fine lather lately over the always-fascinating question of Steve Sailer: Evil or Vile?

"Copenhagen Consensus:" Help the Tired, Poor, and Dispossessed to Stay Home



Are there more cost-effective methods of helping Third World countries—and thus reducing emigration—than invading and occupying them?

Interesting India, Competitive China



A frank comparison of the peoples of the two giga-countries: India and China.

The Brown discussion's two missing letters: IQ



Writing about IQ, however, is wildly popular among Democrats … for the sole purpose of asserting mental superiority over Republicans, as shown by the table headlined "So Democrats really are smarter," which appeared on hundreds of blogs, and even was printed in The Economist.

IQ: Truth can set us (and Africa) free



The UN reported on 3/25/04: "Few outside specialist circles are aware of the scale and severity of vitamin and mineral deficiency, or of what it means for individuals and for nations. It means the impairment of hundreds of millions of growing minds and the lowering of national IQs… And it means the large-scale loss of national energies, intellects, productivity, and growth."

March Madness on Campus: Basketball Graduation Rates



A kid who inherits a 36" vertical leap and a 72 IQ didn't ask for that combination. That's just what he was handed in the genetic lottery. Playing college basketball would probably be the best thing he ever does in his life. It would be cruel to deny him all opportunity to play.

Profile in Billionaire Courage



Perhaps even more heretically, UC Board of Regents Chairman John J. Moores thinks the academic-industrial complex should keep its mitts off the less bright half of the population.

Occam's Claw: The Zorro of Statisticians



Occam's Razor, the scientific imperative to prefer the simplest explanation, has few more productive fans than the elegant and mysterious academic who writes under the pen name La Griffe du Lion..

"Stereotype Threat" (a.k.a. Occam's Butterknife)



The identical twin brothers Claude M. Steele and Shelby Steele offer a fascinating living experiment in the effects of nature and nurture.

Culture's Bell Curve: Charles Murray's Human Accomplishment

American Conservative


In 1997, Murray quietly began a huge project to rank objectively history’s most important discoverers and creators so that he could examine the causes and correlates of greatness. The result is his gracefully written and enthralling Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950.

No Excuses for Thernstroms' No Excuses



Our society suffers from the "Yale or jail" myth. We tell all American kids that if they don't graduate from college, they are doomed. They too often take that to mean they might as well start dealing crack right now.

Rush was right about black QBs. Here's why.



White sportswriters immediately dusted off their pitchforks and torches. Nobody is more hysterical about denying racial differences than the typical sportswriter—precisely because racial differences are so blatantly obvious in sports.

The Not-So-Secret Cause of Bad Schools: Bad Students



“Bad schools impose indirect -- but huge -- costs on millions of middle-class families. In their desperate rush to save their children from failing schools, families are literally spending themselves into bankruptcy." -- from The Two-Income Trap

Cognitive Dissidence on Quotas



The essence of statesmanship is heading off dangers before they become acute. Obviously, we can't rely on the Supreme Court (average age 69) to protect us from perils that will hit hardest after they have gone fully senile.

The Army's Race Relations Secret Weapon



It would be wonderful if society's racial gaps could be made to disappear with just a little military discipline. But the Army has a secret weapon: it carefully selects which applicants it accepts. Black and white recruits are quite equal even before they join up.

Bush's Bakke II Brief: It's Déjà vu All Over Again



Many on the Naïve Right are exulting over the first paragraphs in President Bush's remarks on Wednesday siding against the University of Michigan for using a racial quota admissions system. But (ahem!) didn't the Supreme Court already outlaw "quotas" 25 years ago in the Bakke decision? Fat lot of good that did. And fat lot of good the Administration's "very narrowly tailored" brief to the Supreme Court will do either.

Diversicrats on Collision Course with Court - and Reality



The Supreme Court has announced it's going to rule on the constitutionality of the University of Michigan's racial preference system. A few observations ...

"A King Among Men: Arthur Jensen"



In an era of 900 page biographies, Frank Miele's short new book on IQ scientist Arthur Jensen has a highly readable format: it consists mostly of Q&A sessions.

Diversity vs. Freedom: The Truth-Telling Teacher Wins 



Thanks to a public outcry in which my previous article played a small role, Pasadena science teacher Scott Phelps, who had been suspended for pointing out that black students tended to behave worse in class and score worse on tests than other students—has been reinstated.

The Truth-Telling Teacher



You seldom find Caltech grads teaching at tough urban high schools. But for twelve years, Scott Phelps has fought the good fight at Muir High in Pasadena, California. "He is one of the few teachers I believe went to school every day for something other than a paycheck," said Aundre Mathews, a recent graduate who took science from Phelps. Today, though, Scott Phelps is suspended and in danger of losing his job. His crime ...

Iraq, Israel, Invasion, Immigration – And IQ



Some common sense on the Middle East.

Thoughts on IQ and the Wealth of Nations



The strong correlation between IQ and the wealth of nations demonstrated by Lynn & Vanhanen is of world-historical importance. From now on, no public intellectual can seriously claim to be trying to understand how the world works unless he takes IQ into account.

Pioneer Fundophobia



Twin studies go back to St. Augustine. He pointed to the differences between fraternal twins, such as Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament, to disprove the central tenet of astrology - that time of birth determines personality and fate.

Florida Foul-Up Spotlights America's Huge but Hidden Minority: The Easily Confused VDARE.com 11/14/00

It's time to start thinking about how to help our cerebrally limited fellow citizens. There are tens of millions of Americans out there who were born as clueless as those Palm Beach retirees took 80 years to become. It will never be easy to make things easier for the unintelligent. But it's time we at least thought about it. And the single most obvious way to help our fellow Americans who lost out in the genetic IQ lottery is to not import unskilled immigrants to compete against them and drive down their wages.

Bilingual Ed's Next Big Thing VDARE.com 11/12/00

I spoke with a federally-funded bilingual researcher who assured me that immigrant kids in the dual-language program score at the 50th percentile or better in tests given in English. I thought that seemed exaggerated. I noted that on any test, half the kids must score under the 50th percentile. She took strong exception to this.

How to Help the Left Half of the Bell Curve

1. Why We Aren't Supposed to Write about IQ



Almost all politicians and pundits have become comfortable offering policy prescriptions for Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon - "where all the children are above average." In the real world, however, half the school kids are always going to be lower than the median. Nor have many mentioned lately that this mathematical fact imposes upon the rest of us ethical obligations not to use complex laws, like our immigration policies, to exploit our less acute fellow citizens for our own benefit.

2. How the Other Half of the Bell Curve Lives



Nobody is willing to publicly admit that a whole lot of young people just didn't draw winning hands in the genetic lottery for intelligence. To state this fact is considered insensitive and, horrors, bad for self-esteem. Maybe, but to ignore it is to acquiesce in the IQ elite setting policies that are starkly self-interested and uncharitable.

3. IQ & the Class Struggle



The assumption that all men are created empirically equal lets Stanford MBAs blame growing economic inequality on the laziness of the lower orders, although the scientifically accurate response would be "There but for the grace of God, go I."

4. Not So Hot Ideas for Helping the Left Half



When American intellectuals imported the idea of welfare for single mothers from Sweden in the Sixties, they expected Americans to respond like Swedes. That was like expecting Jimi Hendrix to sound like ABBA.

5. Seven Ways to Help Our Fellow Citizens



It can be painful to speak honestly about such a sensitive topic as IQ. But only realism will allow us to do anything beneficial about it.
Eugenics, Feminist Celebrity-Style & Its Lessons for Immigration

#1  Jodie Foster's Baby



"For Father's Day, we'll consider some of the fascinating implications surrounding a special kind of father, one that's increasingly in demand in Hollywood: the Sperm Donor Dad. Lesbian rock star Melissa Etheridge recently revealed who provided the DNA for her girlfriend's two children: David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash and sometimes Young. According to numerous (if unconfirmed) reports in the British press, feminist heroine/glamour queen/single mother Jodie Foster had herself artificially inseminated with the gametes of a tall, dark, handsome scientist with an IQ of 160."

#2  The Achilles Heel of Eugenics & Immigration



"The extremely smart are to America's high-tech economy what seven foot tall men are to the National Basketball Association: highly useful freaks of nature."

Are Caublinasians Genetically Superior?

National Post


"It's time to confront the question that's been whispered about Tiger Woods ever since this Mozart-like prodigy first appeared on television as a three year old playing golf with Bob Hope: Are multiracial people like Tiger genetically better than the rest of us? Until recent decades, that query was unthinkable: "miscegenation" was assumed to be the royal road to racial ruin. But, now we have enough scientific evidence to answer with a resounding ..."

The Future of Human Nature

National Post


Futuristic pencil-necked geek"As we all know from watching old science fiction movies, humans will evolve into hyper-intelligent, 97 pound weaklings. Our descendents will mutate into androgynous pencil-necked geeks barely able to hold up their basketball-sized brains. And as Steven Spielberg demonstrated in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T., highly evolved species are also altruistic pacifists. Of course, the same sort of movies forecasted that in the year 2000 we'd all helicopter to work in our one-man autogyros. So, we know the future ain't what it used to be, but what will it be?"

Equality v. Truth: Darwin's Enemies on the Left

National Post


"Stephen Jay Gould, a famous sports nut, cannot even turn on his TV without being confronted by lean East Africans outdistancing the world's runners, massive Samoans flattening quarterbacks, lithe Chinese diving and tumbling for gold medals, or muscular athletes of West African descent out-sprinting, out-jumping, and out-hitting all comers. No wonder Gould is reduced to insisting we chant 'Say it five times before breakfast tomorrow: … Human equality is a contingent fact of history,' like Dorothy trying to get home from Oz."

Is George W. Bush a Moron?

Intellectual Capital


"Does Gov. Bush's 1206 SAT score (566 Verbal, 640 Math) truly mean he's as dumb as a box of rocks?"

Flunking The Big Test: Nicholas Lemann's book on the SAT fails to make the grade for moral seriousness.

National Post


"How can you, he asks, "create a classless society by establishing a system that relentlessly classifies people"? But the bigger question is one Lemann relentlessly dodges: Can you create a classless society at all? The Khmer Rouge came closest, but to enforce classlessness, they still had to have two classes: the killers and the killees."
Elegy for MJ: Essays on Michael Jordan's Retirement

The Epitome of the Black Genius for Basketball: from the national newspaper of Canada

National Post


"A Sense of Where Everyone Is" -- too hot for NR!

Spiked by NR


The Half Full glass

The g Factor: The Science of Mental Ability by Arthur Jensen
"Denouncing Jensen proclaims one's faith in empirical egalitarianism, which serves as the perfect excuse for ignoring the irksome demands of moral egalitarianism. By declaring that everyone could Be Like Me (if only they were properly socialized), the clever can, with clear conscience, continue to surreptitiously wage class war against the clueless." This is a hugely important, and shamefully neglected book, and my review offers a new perspective on the IQ wars.

Nerdishness: The Great Unexplored Topic



Nerdishness is of great interest to the public today; after all, the richest man in the world is a nerd. Yet, the human sciences have never touched the subject: possibly, there's a certain self-blindness in scientists' world-view? 

Great Black Hopes

National Review


Black Athletes triumph by toiling intensely at those games where they tend to enjoy not just cultural, but also physical and mental edges over whites. This suggests a new, pragmatic view of racial differences. (This was probably my most important early article.)

Where the Races Relate

National Review


Why do the U.S. Army and college sports teams do so much of a better job at managing race relations than elite colleges?

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