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Articles on Interracial Marriage


Who is Steve Sailer? I'm a reporter, movie critic for The American Conservative, VDARE.com columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.














Is Love Colorblind?

National Review


Graph showing the radical imbalances between black-white and white-Asian marriages.Interracial Marriage -- Who Wins? Who Loses? While interracial marriage is increasingly accepted by whites, a surprising number of Asian men and black women have become bitterly opposed. Why?

More on interracial marriage: Readers' responses, Arthur Hu's funny article, etc.

5 graphs making the statistics in this article clearer. National Review chose not to run these, claiming my prose style is so supremely lucid that even without graphs every reader would instantly grasp the meaning of even the most technical passages. If you disagree, check out these graphs (39k).

"The New World" v. the Real Captain John Smith



By one estimate, Pocahontas has about 100,000 living American descendants today.

The Wind from the South: Anti-White Populism



A mighty storm is brewing in Latin America, and it will eventually reach the U.S.

Peter Frost's Fair Women, Dark Men



A couple of decades ago, I began noticing that the leading lady in a movie was almost always fairer-skinned than her leading man.

Hollywood's Other Obsession: Blond Bad Guys



A couple of decades ago, I began noticing that the leading lady in a movie was almost always fairer-skinned than her leading man.

George F. Will Denounces Grandma



In a confused review of Philip Roth's The Human Stain, George Will asks "Aside from the visual, what is race?" Fortunately, Roth understands better: at bottom, race is who your relatives are. And that makes for the most emotionally powerful scene in the book and movie, when the main character's mother explains to him the cost to her of his passing as white: "I'm never going to know my grandchildren."

After 450 Years of Intermarriage, Brazil Adds Quotas



Brazil is not a rich country and needs to get the maximum return on its investment in higher education by finding the students with the best potential. Of course, because Brazil has had a color continuum rather than a color line, cheating will probably mitigate some of the inefficiencies that quotas impose. But this is the last thing Brazil needs - another incentive toward corruption.

Is Love Colorblind? Updated



The latest Census data on the gender gap in interracial marriage.

On Interracial Marriage



My bottom line view on marriage: you ought to marry the person you love. The alternatives—marrying a person you don't love or not marrying at all - are worse.

Mapping Human History



Olson stops every few pages to tell you that there are no races that have been absolutely isolated genetically since the beginning of time because—you will be shocked, shocked to learn this—humans have been known to outbreed. This makes Mapping Human History resemble a geology book that repeatedly admonishes the reader that the Earth is not flat.

Pondering Patterson [III]: Why the Census is Clueless about Hispanics' Races VDARE.com 6/3/01

"Racism in Latin America has always been more insidious than in the U.S.. The Latin method is to allow anybody with a hint of white blood to call themselves white. Fat lot of good it does them, though. By letting mixed race people call themselves "white," the Latin system tricks mestizos and mulattos into imagining the game isn't rigged against them personally - just against those poor bastards who happen to be a little darker than they are."

Immigration Is Retarding Interracial Marriage



"The native-born are certainly doing their part to merge the races in California: 'Multiracial births to native-born mothers rose dramatically between 1982 and 1997--from about 14% to nearly 21% percent, a 50% change.' The problem is that multiracial births to immigrant mothers, never a large number to begin with, declined slightly to merely 7% by 1997. Since 45% of California babies are born to foreign-born mothers, multiracials' share of the overall population is barely climbing."

Part 2: Mexico's Insidious Color Continuum



"After an experiment lasting nearly 500 years in Latin America, intermarriage has utterly failed to eliminate racial inequality. Mestizo nations like Mexico and mulatto nations like Brazil are bywords for vast concentrations of wealth among the white ruling class contrasted with extreme poverty among the darkest citizens. In fact, in Mexico racial segregation is worsening."

Part 3: How Latino Intermarriage Breeds Inequality



"The Hispanic influx into California seems to be simply recreating the racial hierarchy of Latin America. For example, America's leading Latino politicians tend to marry Anglos. Thus, the Mexican-American elite is likely to become even whiter over the generations. While upwardly mobile Mexican-Americans marry blonde Anglos, downwardly mobile white men often wed Mexicans. Now, there is plenty to be said for getting hitched to a Mexican lady. But sadly, there is a big social cost to Anglo-Hispanic marriages: 'In most homes headed by an Anglo/Latino couple, Spanish becomes the household language.'"

Census Follies



"The Administration will indeed let people who are part white and part minority check two (or more) boxes. But then the government will simply ignore the white box." 

Are Caublinasians Genetically Superior?

National Post


"It's time to confront the question that's been whispered about Tiger Woods ever since this Mozart-like prodigy first appeared on television as a three year old playing golf with Bob Hope: Are multiracial people like Tiger genetically better than the rest of us? Until recent decades, that query was unthinkable: "miscegenation" was assumed to be the royal road to racial ruin. But, now we have enough scientific evidence to answer with a resounding ..."

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