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Articles on Mexico

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Bush's Immigration Speech



So, if each one of the 6,000 National Guardsmen was on patrol an average of, say, 21 hours per week (which is 1/8th of the 168 hours in a week), that would provide one soldier per 2.6 miles of border.

Cesar Chavez, Minuteman

American Conservative


Like today’s Minutemen, United Farm Worker staffers under the command of Chavez’s brother Manuel patrolled the Arizona-Mexico border to keep out illegal aliens. Unlike the well-behaved Minutemen, however, Chavez’s boys sometimes beat up intruders.

The Sinister "Plan of San Diego"



The forgotten story of the President of Mexico's campaign of terrorist raids on America.

French Lessons

American Conservative


The nation that neocons most love to hate has followed their immigration prescriptions—to devastating results.

“Human Directionals”—The Cheap Wage/Expensive Land Economy Personified



In that harbinger of the American future, Southern California, once the Promised Land of the middle class, unskilled labor has become so plentiful that now a common weekend sight is people who are paid to stand on corners and try to catch your eye by randomly wiggling brightly colored directional arrows, typically pointing to real estate open houses. It's the 21st Century equivalent of the Depression-era advertising practice of hiring unemployed men to walk around wearing sandwich board signs saying "Eat at Joe's." And it's just as depressing.

"Mexican Evolution" or "Republican Devolution"



White House strategist Matthew Dowd argues that we shouldn't worry our pretty little heads about illegal immigration from Mexico because it will go away in 2025.

The Five Billion



Today, almost one-fifth of all ethnic Mexicans live in the U.S. Almost five billion people (4,976 million to be precise) live in countries where the average per capita gross domestic product is lower than Mexico's mean of $9,600.

The Wind from the South: Anti-White Populism



A mighty storm is brewing in Latin America, and it will eventually reach the U.S.

Census Bureau Deflates "Latino Power" Voting Hype



According to the Census survey, Hispanics cast only 6.0% of the vote in 2004, under my 6.1% prediction, and way under Michael Barone's 9% speculation.

Blue States More Inegalitarian



Census Bureau figures show that California, traditionally America's trendsetter, is pioneering a new kind of class structure—ominously like that of highly unequal Latin American countries like Brazil or Mexico.

Importing a New Underclass: More Evidence



For American-born Hispanic children (not just second generation, as many might assume, but the second up through the seventh generation), the school achievement gap, as measured by the federal NAEP tests, is 67% as large as the notoriously big white-black difference.

Michael Barone, Call your Office!



The supposedly sky-rocketing Hispanic share of the vote shrank from 5.4 percent in 2000 down to 5.3 percent in 2002, according to new Census Bureau data.

Jorge Ramos, Univision's Blue-Eyed Boy



While the 16 Presidential "battleground states" accounted for one third of the total vote in 2000, they were home to only 21 percent of Hispanic voters.

Latin America: The Cul-de-sac of Creativity



Just one of the 1,414 most significant scientists of 800 B.C. to 1950 A.D. was a Latin American. That's not too surprising because the mother country, Spain, contributed only four scientists, and one was a medieval Muslim.

Black vs. Black, but not Black vs. Brown, at Harvard



“While about 8 percent, or about 530, of Harvard's undergraduates were black, Lani Guinier, a Harvard law professor, and Henry Louis Gates Jr., the chairman of Harvard's African and African-American studies department, pointed out that the majority of them — perhaps as many as two-thirds — were West Indian and African immigrants or their children, or to a lesser extent, children of biracial couples."

Presumed Alliance: Black vs. Brown



Compton, the spiritual home of West Coast gangsta rap, is notorious for its corrupt and dysfunctional black-run government. Still, a lot of people south of the Border have been down so long that even Compton looks like up to them.

A Bet for Barone



I have a bet for famed neoconservative pundit and television personality Michael Barone.

Limits of Libertarianism: Northern v. Southern California



Northern California's traditional elitism has helped it withstand the onslaught of illegal immigration better than Southern California's traditional populist libertarianism.

The Alamo



While Santa Anna was a uniquely awful leader in Mexico's history (and that's saying a lot), Santa Anna's career says something important about the difference between American and Mexican culture. He ruled Mexico five separate times. That's like Dennis Kucinich being President five times.

Let's Nation-Build in Latin America, not MidEast



A far more important—and far more promising—candidate for American-induced reform than Iraq/Syria/Iran is Mexico. We need Mexico to get its act together so that Mexicans can make a decent living at home rather than having to sneak illegally into the U.S.

Why the Hispanic Cultural Boom Fizzled



Professional trendspotter Irma Zandl describes her failed prediction: "We felt [in 1988] that this country would become more Latinized. However, with the exception of food and beverages and an occasional musician (e.g. Ricky Martin or J-Lo), we have not seen the kind of widespread influence that we anticipated. For example, there are still no mass fashion trends, no mass entertainment trends, no mass social trends rooted in the Hispanic culture." How come?

"Mr. Bush, put up this wall!"



We are constantly told that there is no solution to the problem of illegal immigrants crossing America's largely wide-open 1,800-mile border with Mexico. But the $2 million/mile cost of the new Israeli fence suggests that building a high-tech security barricade from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico would be a bargain: only $3.6 billion.

The Mexican Vote & the Bush Dynasty



Nobody seems to understand just how tiny the Mexican-American vote actually is. This much-lusted after niche demographic cast only 3.0% of the vote in 2000, up from 2.6% in 1996. (My short article follows an excellent Howard Sutherland piece.)

Ha Ha, We Were Right, Karl Rove Was Wrong VDARE.com 9/5/01
We said over a year ago that Fox was going to turn out to be George W. Bush's Yeltsin. We said last Fall that for the GOP to chase after the Hispanic vote via opening the immigration floodgates further made no electoral sense. We said in the middle of summer that Bush's amnesty plan was going to turn out to be HillaryCare all over again. You know, gloating has a bad reputation. But we could kind of get used to it.
A Marshall Plan for Mexico VDARE.com 9/3/01
Residents of the US send about $7 or 8 billion per year back to Mexico as remittances. This is a huge amount to Vincente Fox. To us, it is chump change, relative to the costs imposed on America by Mexican illegal immigration. The man needs money. America has money. Let's make a deal..
The Innumeracy of Bush's Mexican Strategy VDARE.com 7/20/01
These kinds of electoral calculations do not require a Ph.D. in Mathematics. You just go look up the exit poll results and mess around with them. So, why does it sometimes seem like I'm the only Republican in America with Microsoft Excel? I can guarantee you, though, lots of Democrats understand these numbers.
Pondering Patterson [I]: Defining Away Demography VDARE.com 5/22/01
"Orlando Patterson has been getting a lot of mileage lately out of the claim that whites are so going to remain the majority in the U.S. - because Hispanics are really white! To take this 48% number seriously, though, you have to be as oblivious to Latin American racial patterns and attitudes as our Census Bureau is."
Pondering Patterson [II]: OK, How White Are Hispanics? VDARE.com 5/25/01

"The unexplored problem with massive mestizo immigration is that by creating a beige servant caste, it slowly turns the wealthier native-born Americans into a white master caste. Maybe we'll be able to withstand the temptations inherent in this kind of society better than the whites of Latin America, who were thoroughly corrupted by them. The history of the American South, though, suggests that rich white Americans aren't immune to the sinister blandishments of luxurious living based on a surplus of cheap laborers of dusky hue."

Pondering Patterson [III]: Why the Census is Clueless about Hispanics' Races VDARE.com 6/3/01

"Racism in Latin America has always been more insidious than in the U.S.. The Latin method is to allow anybody with a hint of white blood to call themselves white. Fat lot of good it does them, though. By letting mixed race people call themselves "white," the Latin system tricks mestizos and mulattos into imagining the game isn't rigged against them personally - just against those poor bastards who happen to be a little darker than they are."

Importing Anti-Semitism?



"Under current immigration laws, within a generation there will be several times more Muslims than Jews in America. The long-run prospects for Jewish political interests, such as support for Israel, are correspondingly dim."
Mexico's Talleyrand



Mexico's formidable new Foreign Secretary Jorge G. Castañeda has a potential Achilles' heel. Ambrose Bierce defined diplomacy as "The patriotic art of lying for one's country." During his long previous career as a pundit, however, Castañeda had a habit of occasionally telling harsh truths about his country. He has left a paper trail of frank observations that offer ammunition to sophisticated American critics of the Bush policy of appeasing Mexico.
Assimilation, 21st Century Style



"For certain what we know is that [unmarried teenage Hispanic] girls born in the U.S. and raised in the U.S. are more likely to get pregnant than girls who are foreign-born and then raised in the U.S.," said Jane Delgado of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health.
GOP - California Dreamin' VDARE.com 11/21/00

Short of nominating Jennifer López for Vice President, what else exactly can the Republicans do to lure Latinos beyond what Bush did ... and still remain Republicans?

Bilingual Ed's Next Big Thing VDARE.com 11/12/00

I spoke with a federally-funded bilingual researcher who assured me that immigrant kids in the dual-language program score at the 50th percentile or better in tests given in English. I thought that seemed exaggerated. I noted that on any test, half the kids must score under the 50th percentile. She took strong exception to this.

"Ethnic correctness" isn't saving CA GOP VDARE.com 10/26/00

Even Rich Rodriguez, a handsome, glib, popular, well-known local Mexican-American Republican, is still losing among Latinos in Fresno by a margin of 48% to 30% in the last poll. If the Anglo Democrat Cal Dooley (granted, there is something wacky about calling anybody named "Dooley" an "Anglo") maintains this proportion in the election, he wins a landslide 62% of the Latino vote.

Hard Times (For Guess Who) in Booming California VDARE.com 9/16/00

"More California workers earn poverty-level wages now than a decade ago....  Adjusted for inflation, the median income of a four-person family in California declined $1,069 since 1989, while nationally, that figure rose $2,477, researchers found.... "We've had tremendous growth in the number of jobs, but not in wage growth." - AP

New  In Mexico, the More Things Change ...

#1  Will Vincente Fox be Dubya's Yeltsin?



"Fox's election reconfirms in spectacular fashion the fundamental social fact of the last 479 years of Mexican history: whites rule, mixed-race mestizos toil, Indians endure. In a country where height is a major racial marker -- white men look down upon brown men both figuratively and literally -- much of Fox's vaunted charisma stems from his being 6'5": about a foot taller than the average Mexican.

#2  Free Marketeer Fantasies about Fox



"'The stunning victory of Mexico's president-elect Vincente Fox … opens the door to a period of sustained economic prosperity that could carry Mexico into the front-ranks of the information-age global economy,' exclaims supply side economist Larry Kudlow. Sorry, Larry, but it's not going to happen. Nothing Fox could possibly do will convert the Mexican people into Mountain Dew-mainlining way cool Linux geeks."

New! #3  Mexican White Elite's Smoking Gun Found



Vincente Fox's new chief foreign policy advisor frankly admits that the Mexican ruling caste needs massive migration to the U.S. to prevent rebellion among Mexico's poor and exploited.

Immigration Is Retarding Interracial Marriage



"The native-born are certainly doing their part to merge the races in California: 'Multiracial births to native-born mothers rose dramatically between 1982 and 1997--from about 14% to nearly 21% percent, a 50% change.' The problem is that multiracial births to immigrant mothers, never a large number to begin with, declined slightly to merely 7% by 1997. Since 45% of California babies are born to foreign-born mothers, multiracials' share of the overall population is barely climbing."
Importing Mexico's Worsening Racial Inequality

Part 1: Mexico's Corrupt White Elite



"By providing a safety valve that drains off Mexico's most desperate young brown men, our lax borders have allowed Mexico's most avaricious old white men to loot their nation with impunity. In the U.S., this mestizo influx generates ever greater quotas and set-asides designed to propel their climb in American society. In contrast, in Mexico all the best jobs in government, industry, and academia are becoming ever more segregated.

Part 2: Mexico's Insidious Color Continuum



"After an experiment lasting nearly 500 years in Latin America, intermarriage has utterly failed to eliminate racial inequality. Mestizo nations like Mexico and mulatto nations like Brazil are bywords for vast concentrations of wealth among the white ruling class contrasted with extreme poverty among the darkest citizens. In fact, in Mexico racial segregation is worsening."

Part 3: How Latino Intermarriage Breeds Inequality



"The Hispanic influx into California seems to be simply recreating the racial hierarchy of Latin America. For example, America's leading Latino politicians tend to marry Anglos. Thus, the Mexican-American elite is likely to become even whiter over the generations. While upwardly mobile Mexican-Americans marry blonde Anglos, downwardly mobile white men often wed Mexicans. Now, there is plenty to be said for getting hitched to a Mexican lady. But sadly, there is a big social cost to Anglo-Hispanic marriages: 'In most homes headed by an Anglo/Latino couple, Spanish becomes the household language.'"

Cesar Chavez: La Causa or La Raza?



"Cesar Chavez, a labor leader intent on protecting union membership, was as effective a surrogate for the Immigration & Naturalization Service as ever existed. Indeed, Chavez and the United Farm Workers union he headed routinely reported to the INS for deportation suspected illegal immigrants who served as strikebreakers or refused to unionize." -- Ruben Navarrette Jr., Arizona Republic. 
Debate with Ron Unz

First  Can the Melting Pot Be Revived?



Ron Unz advocates mass immigration and old-fashioned assimilation policies. Can this circle be squared? The professional politicians don't think so: they're choosing appeasement over assimilation.

Second  Ron Unz Replies (but I get the last word)



Who Wants to Be a Minority?

National Post


"Hispanics eligible for affirmative action if they move to the U.S. include His Serene Majesty King Juan Carlos, singers Julio Iglesias and Placido Domingo, and Olympic supremo Juan-Antonio Samaranch, none of whom seems to have suffered much from discrimination. Also qualifying are Teutonic-looking immigrants from Paraguay named Klaus who don't like to talk about what their fathers were doing from 1933 to 1945."

Demographic Destiny: Assimilation



"Consider that crucial social indicator, the illegitimacy rate. The longer Latinos are in the U.S., the more they assimilate … but not toward the white norm. Instead, they are becoming more like blacks. Currently, 22% of white births are illegitimate v. 69% of black births. Among immigrant Latino new mothers, 37% were unmarried. But among American-born Latino new mothers, the illegitimacy rate rises to 48%."

Bilingual Education - Bipartisan Blunder



"Bilingual education is a fraud perpetrated against Hispanic youngsters. Its secret goal is to delay the immigrant student's switchover to English until he's past puberty, when the mind's language-learning faculty grows rigid, and the hope of ever losing a foreign accent fades."

Inequality: the Immigration Dimension



"New Mexico's population has increasingly split into an overclass of Santa Fe's glitterati and Los Alamos' H-bomb designers, whose lawns are mowed and children baby-sat by a Mexican lowerclass, who are sullenly watched by a Native American underclass. It's not a pretty sight."

Immigration vs. Environmentalism



"Only 7% of the Sierra Club's 550,000 members are minorities of any kind, compared to about 28% of the entire population. As a predominantly blue collar group, immigrants from Latin America indulge in the traditional working class disdain for hoity-toity upper middle class environmentalists. During an economic downturn, Hispanic blue collar voters are likely to favor relaxing California's stringent restrictions on factories, construction, and landscaping."

Why Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

National Post


"Hollywood routinely uses blondeness to imply that a man is either a nitwit (see Jeff Daniels in Dumb & Dumber) or a soulless corporate weasel (see almost any James Spader or Jay Mohr movie)."

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