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Who is Steve Sailer? I'm a reporter, movie critic for The American Conservative, VDARE.com columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.












The Duke Lacrosse Brouhaha and the Hunt for Tom Wolfe's 'Great White Defendant'



"Every assistant D.A. in the Bronx … shared Captain Ahab's mania for the Great White Defendant. For a start, it was not pleasant to go through life telling yourself, 'What I do for a living is, I pack blacks and Latins off to jail.'"

Winter Olympics



"So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention."–Bryant Gumbel on HBO’s Real Sports

Does the NFL Discriminate against Whites?



For at least the last 2.3 seasons, football teams with more white second-stringers have won more games. Will anybody pay attention?

From Bauhaus to Golf Course: The Rise, Fall, and Revival of the Art of Golf Course Architecture

American Conservative


2Blowhards: "I have a pretty broad conception of what "art" and "culture" can mean: Even so, I was taken up short when I read Steve Sailer's American Conservative article on golf course architecture as art. Silly me, I'd never given the topic a moment's thought. Yet there it is: landscape architecture, full of aesthetic qualities, there all around us, and in popular use. I'll take an eye-opener like Steve's piece over yet another run-through of conventional aesthetic theory any day."

The White Guy Gap



From Rove's point of view, this all makes a certain amount of twisted sense. The more insults get piled upon white men by the immigration-driven growth of the diversity industry, the more motivated they are to practice identity politics of their own through the Republican Party. 

Tom Wolfe, I am Charlotte Simmons, and the Reality of Human Differences



What's most striking about Wolfe's version of Duke U. is how, after 35 years of institutionalized feminism, student sexuality hasn't progressed into an egalitarian utopia. Instead, it has regressed to something that a caveman would understand—a Hobbesian sexual marketplace where muscles are the measure of the man.

Olympic Human Biodiversity Preview



A look at some of the more enduring patterns in this global pageant of nationalism and human biodiversity.

Reporters Denounce Larry Bird for Being Interesting



I'm still bemused that modern sportswriters form lynch mobs whenever sports experts commit the unforgivable sin of not being boring about race. 

Out of the Park: Baseball & Steroids

American Conservative


Have you noticed that a lot of steroid cheaters, alleged and admitted, are jerks? So, do jerks take steroids? Or do steroids make jerks?

March Madness on Campus: Basketball Graduation Rates



A kid who inherits a 36" vertical leap and a 72 IQ didn't ask for that combination. That's just what he was handed in the genetic lottery. Playing college basketball would probably be the best thing he ever does in his life. It would be cruel to deny him all opportunity to play.

Rush was right about black QBs. Here's why.



White sportswriters immediately dusted off their pitchforks and torches. Nobody is more hysterical about denying racial differences than the typical sportswriter—precisely because racial differences are so blatantly obvious in sports.

Dusty Baker Was Right



As you can see from the hard time Baker is being given for saying blacks are better adapted to heat and humidity, these days we're supposed to celebrate diversity -- but not notice it.

New   Thinking Quantitatively about ... Golf



My wife became highly enthusiastic about playing golf, and even watching it(!), both times she was pregnant with our sons. As soon as the boys were born, however, the oxytocin started flowing and she lost 101% of all interest in golf. This phenomenon of pregnant women becoming sports nuts is rare but by no means unique.

World According to Golf: Darwin & Golf



Why does modern man (and, to a much lesser extent, modern woman) spend so much money building golf courses? Why does the modern American golf course appeal so strongly to the male eye? A number of scientists now believe that a love of golf course-like landscapes may be hardwired by evolution into many human brains.

Diversity vs. Efficiency: An Olympic Case Study



Why were the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah a triumph of efficiency in staging, while the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics were plagued by organizational snafus? 

Conversation with a Russian Immigrant VDARE.com 8/22/01
Vladimir: "But, Mr. Sailer, I want to ask you question. I come here from Russia and I look around me at people in America. I see things, I see patterns. I watch sport shows on TV, too. I notice patterns there, too. Then, I read newspapers. Nobody writes about patterns I see with my eyes. Are Americans hallucinating?
Why the Du Bois Boomlet? VDARE.com 5/5/01
"Whites are oblivious to discrimination by lighter-skinned African Americans against blacks. Note one of today's more sickening phenomenon: the beatification of Muhammad Ali: an illiterate, an ally of Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan in their jihad against Malcolm X after Malcolm's rejection of racism; and an egomaniacal mulatto racist so enamored of his own cafe-au-lait middle class looks that he called his great blue collar black rival Joe Frazier a 'gorilla.'"
The Olympics: the Global Festival of Human Biodiversity
Angier's Wager and the Olympics VDARE.com 9/27/00

Natalie Angier recently wrote a major article in The New York Times proving that the races don't really differ genetically. Although watching the upcoming Olympic track & field competition is guaranteed to shake your faith in Ms. Angier, just repeat to yourself, "Who am I going to believe: The Newspaper of Record or my lying eyes?"

The National Question and the Olympics VDARE.com 9/27/00

In the post-nationalist's fantasy, the Olympics wouldn't be organized by anything so passé as nationality. Instead, athletes sponsored by Coke would battle Nike's hired guns for world marketing supremacy. The only problem with this vision: nobody would watch. (Well, I'd watch, but I'm a sports statistics geek.)

Olympics and Race: the results VDARE.com 10/2/00

The Olympics are the world's festival of human biodiversity. And the medallists in Sydney largely followed established racial patterns.

Races Don't Differ Genetically? Care to Bet?



""All I know is what I read in the papers," said Will Rogers. He'd get intellectual whiplash reading the New York Times' coverage of race and genes. The flood of new data on race is exposing the fundamental conflict between the Times’ two roles: newspaper of record and high priestess of political correctness."

Thatcher Speech: The Genetic Revolution

American Outlook

Spring, 2000

The Hudson Institute's magazine has now published the text of my 12/99 speech to the Thatcher Seminar on the greatest opportunity and danger facing the world over the next century: our new ability to manipulate our own genetic code. If you have a fast web connection and a MS IE 4.0+ browser, click above to see the entire slide show. Or, click here for the American Outlook's text-only version.)
Special Offer
-- Contact me at steveslr@aol.com if you are interested in having me deliver this 25 minute multimedia presentation to your organization. I can give it either in person or live over the web.

The Manly Molecule

National Post


"High levels of natural testosterone plus steroid supplements are a big reason so many star jocks are star jerks. Pro teams and universities are constantly bailing out players and paying hush money to the women their athletes beat and rape while in the throes of what bodybuilders call 'roid rage."

Are Caublinasians Genetically Superior?

National Post


"It's time to confront the question that's been whispered about Tiger Woods ever since this Mozart-like prodigy first appeared on television as a three year old playing golf with Bob Hope: Are multiracial people like Tiger genetically better than the rest of us? Until recent decades, that query was unthinkable: "miscegenation" was assumed to be the royal road to racial ruin. But, now we have enough scientific evidence to answer with a resounding ..."

The Future of Human Nature

National Post


Futuristic pencil-necked geek"As we all know from watching old science fiction movies, humans will evolve into hyper-intelligent, 97 pound weaklings. Our descendents will mutate into androgynous pencil-necked geeks barely able to hold up their basketball-sized brains. And as Steven Spielberg demonstrated in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T., highly evolved species are also altruistic pacifists. Of course, the same sort of movies forecasted that in the year 2000 we'd all helicopter to work in our one-man autogyros. So, we know the future ain't what it used to be, but what will it be?"

Rocker on the Rack

National Post


"In the grand tradition of the Brezhnev regime, Major League Baseball is forcing Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Rocker to undergo psychiatric testing for expressing dissident political and social opinions. No doubt, baseball commissioner Bud Selig and the rest of the thought police will be shocked, shocked, to learn from the shrinks that a young closer whose job is to intimidate batters by throwing 95 mph fastballs right under their chins is hot-headed and hostile. But the rest of us should be shocked by the chilling effect that "sensitivity" is having on free speech."

Equality v. Truth: Darwin's Enemies on the Left

National Post


"Stephen Jay Gould, a famous sports nut, cannot even turn on his TV without being confronted by lean East Africans outdistancing the world's runners, massive Samoans flattening quarterbacks, lithe Chinese diving and tumbling for gold medals, or muscular athletes of West African descent out-sprinting, out-jumping, and out-hitting all comers. No wonder Gould is reduced to insisting we chant 'Say it five times before breakfast tomorrow: … Human equality is a contingent fact of history,' like Dorothy trying to get home from Oz."

Ryder Cup Riot: The African-Americanization of Golf

National Post


"As the Americans stormed back from a huge deficit on Sunday, we witnessed the unlikely sight of the whitest man in sports, David Duval, fist-pumping and egging the crowd on like he had just had a race transplant and turned into Charles Barkley."
Elegy for MJ: Essays on Michael Jordan's Retirement

The Epitome of the Black Genius for Basketball: from the national newspaper of Canada

National Post


"A Sense of Where Everyone Is" -- too hot for NR!

Spiked by NR


Nerdishness: The Great Unexplored Topic



Nerdishness is of great interest to the public today; after all, the richest man in the world is a nerd. Yet, the human sciences have never touched the subject: possibly, there's a certain self-blindness in scientists' world-view? 
Human Biodiversity: inFrequently Asked Questions
The social impact of biological differences among people is one of the most fascinating, important, and least discussed topics of our age. Here's the first draft of "Does Race Exist?."
So, you don't think biological differences among the various peoples of the world can affect modern life? Well, check out this pantheon of highly biodiverse celebrities: The Human Biodiversity Hall of Fame

Track & Battlefield -- w/Dr. Stephen Seiler

National Review


Everybody knows that women athletes are narrowing the gender gap separating them from male athletes' performance. Yet in running, the most quantifiable sport, everybody is wrong. Based on a major new study, the article explains why women are running slower in the Nineties, offering new insights into the nature of masculinity, the causes of ethnic inequality, the role of hormones (natural and illegal steroid), and the role of women in the military.
For track buffs: additional in-depth analysis and statistics

The Words Don't Match the Pictures: Why the Polite Lies We Tell About Race & Sex Are Undermined by What We See on ESPN

National Review Online 


This is the first chapter of my not-yet-finished book about what we can learn from sports about the current controversies over race and sex. It's the clearest introduction to my work. 
Note: April, 2000 -- Well, it won't get finished. When I got hit with nonHodgkins lymphoma in late 1996 (37 months in remission and counting!), I ran out of energy to accomplish this. Meanwhile, Jon Entine had been working on a similar book on sports and race on and off since 1989. So, I helped him a little with his book, Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We Are Afraid to Talk About It. It turned out excellent (click here to buy Taboo). 
Is Love Colorblind?

National Review


Graph showing the radical imbalances between black-white and white-Asian marriages.Interracial Marriage -- Who Wins? Who Loses? While interracial marriage is increasingly accepted by whites, a surprising number of Asian men and black women have become bitterly opposed. Why?

More on interracial marriage: Readers' responses, Arthur Hu's funny article, etc.

5 graphs making the statistics in this article clearer. National Review chose not to run these, claiming my prose style is so supremely lucid that even without graphs every reader would instantly grasp the meaning of even the most technical passages. If you disagree, check out these graphs (39k).

Great Black Hopes

National Review


Black Athletes triumph by toiling intensely at those games where they tend to enjoy not just cultural, but also physical and mental edges over whites. This suggests a new, pragmatic view of racial differences. (This was probably my most important early article.)
How Jackie Robinson Desegregated America

National Review


Perhaps the least-learned lesson of the saga of Jackie Robinson is that competition can transform self-interest into an engine for racial fairness. (Probably my most popular article) 
Coming Soon: Beautiful Cover Photo of Jackie and Pee Wee Reese

Where the Races Relate

National Review


Why do the U.S. Army and college sports teams do so much of a better job at managing race relations than elite colleges?

Why Lesbians Aren't Gay

National Review


From "Pervert" to "Victim:" the media's continued one-dimensional stereotyping of homosexuals; with handy table of dozens of ways gays tend to differ from lesbians.

The Gender Gap: Women Are Running Further Behind Men

Science News


By Steve Sailer and sports physiologist Dr. Stephen Seiler. Despite all the hype about women's athletics, in running -- the sport where male and female performances can best be compared -- women's marks compared to men's marks are worse in the 1990's than in the 1980's. Why? This is an earlier version of "Track & Battlefield," written for a physiology magazine for endurance athletes.

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