More on Interracial Marriage

Responses to "Is Love Colorblind?"

13 interesting letters offering added perspectives on this controversial topic. Plus, my replies.

A Race of Rodney Dangerfield's?

By Arthur Hu, Asia Week, 12/8/90

Very funny and frank article that, I found out about after I published "Is Love Colorblind?" It anticipated by 7 years most of the themes in my article. Also see The Arthur Hu Index of Diversity: Every Statistic There Is by the 4 Major Races (with a focus on Asian-Americans). You writers out there will find it great for pilfering from.

One Flesh: America is Experiencing an Unprecedented Increase in Black-White Intermarriage

By Douglas J. Besharov and Timothy J. Sullivan, The New Democrat, July/August 1996.

A good technical analysis of the statistics regarding black-white marriages (as opposed to married couples, which is what the Census looks at). It's the source of the oft-repeated statement that nearly 10% of black men who get married are getting married to white women. It also tries to estimate trends post-1990.

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